The National Department of Social Development is offering scholarships to the needy and deserving students of South Africa.  Applications are invited from students who are pursuing or interested in enrolling for a Social Work qualification.


The applicant must:

Be a South African Citizen

  • New applicants must comply with the entry requirements set by the University and provide proof of admission by the University or a proof of payment for admission.
  • Fully and correctly complete the scholarship application form which is obtainable from the Social Work faculty at the University or from the Provincial Departments of Social Development (See contact details below).
  • Attach the following documentation such as a CV, certified copies of grade 12 results, Academic Record, your Identity Document, your parents or legal guardian identity document and their proof of income.
  • Be prepared to enter into an agreement for counter service with the Department of Social Development.



The Applicant must:

  • Be a South African Citizen
  • Comply with the entry requirements set by the University
  • Fully and correctly complete the Scholarship Application form
  • Be prepared to enter into an agreement with the Department (More details will be contained in the agreement)
  • Must complete the qualification within the minimum period as prescribed by the University

What Documentation must I attach to my application?

New applicants
  • Certified copy of Grade 12 results
  • Certified copy of Identity Document of applicant
  • Certified copy of ID and Proof of income of Parent/ Guardian
  • Current first year students/Prospective students in Social Work who need to undergo a selection process as prescribed by the University must provide proof that they have been selected to continue with their studies. (proof of admission by the University/proof of payment for admission)
  • Certified copy of Identity Document of applicant
  • Certified copy of Academic record on the official letterhead of the University

Any South African citizen, who at the time of application, is in Grade 12 or has successfully passed Grade 12 examination with tertiary entrance requirements.  Any South African citizen who is pursuing a Social Work qualification at an accredited South African tertiary institution.  Selection shall be based primarily on academic performance and financial viability.

Your application form should be accompanied by the tertiary institution’s admission letter, ID copy, Grade 12 certificate copy, academic results and parents/guardian’s proof of income and ID copies and your contact numbers.  No application will be considered without any of the mentioned documents.


The Department will contribute towards the following costs:

  • Registration fee, tuition fee, examination fee, prescribed books, stipend for practical work, residence and meal fee.  Students should apply for University accommodation as only university accommodation will be paid for on the scholarship.
  • Successful candidates shall enter into a contractual agreement with the Department and they must make satisfactory progress and complete their studies within the minimum period as prescribed by the tertiary institution.

Submissions/Application Forms and Closing Dates

The application form can be accessed at any tertiary institution which is offering a Social Work qualification, Provincial Social Development Offices listed below and on this website as from 01 October 2009.

The application forms should be posted or hand delivered to the relevant Provincial Departments listed below.

National Enquiries Contact:

More Information

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570 thoughts on “BURSARIES & SCHOLARSHIPS FOR SOCIAL WORK in South Africa

  1. Lesego sibanda says:

    Hi am Lesego I completed my matrik 2013 and am so interested in social work faculty but I don’t have funds to go to school and fulfil ma dream!it has always been ma dream of helping the nation of Africa please help out because I can’t take another year without doing anythin . thank you

  2. Noxolo Bana says:

    Hi I am an adult. I am a teacher and I would like to quit teaching. I’m interested in studying ás a social worker. I want to know if the dept of social development will be able to assist me financially as I have a financial problem. Thank u. I will be glad to hear from u.

  3. Ive got a student that enrolled for social work at the university of transkei,he is from a poor family where he is raised by a single parent that is not working.he is a deligent and a bright learner.Kindly assist him.

    You can call me at 0799681997 for further explaination

  4. hi i finished my matric last year passed well with a bachelor am looking forward to receive dis bursary as i am eligible i filled the form and submitted it

  5. Hie

    I finished school last year nd i’m interested on studying social work but my problem is tht i’m an orphan, can’t afford university fees….i’m in need of financial assistance…Thank You!

  6. Nwabisa Papiyana says:

    I’m about to start social work studies this semester(second semester)and Nsfas did not fund so I was hoping you’d fund me with my studies as my mom died and I live with a brother whom we both survive with a very small salary every month..and I really want to fufil my dream and become a social worker one day

  7. Ntokozo mkhwanazi says:

    Hi my sister was doing social worker in Howard College ,now she didnt go back t skool cos she owes 40 thousand fee for firsty year ,she stuck now becourse the university want the for the first year studies ,which is we dont money to pay the skool ,I would like to know if she can apply bursaries …….she apply NSFAS ,she stuck coz she need to pay that 40thousand before she can apply NSFAS ……its hard for us at home no one is working ……pls anyone who can advice us what must we do ….really we need help!

  8. Busiswa khumalo says:

    I’m interested in studying social worker,I finished at school 2005 fo da lack of finacialy I stayed at home 2010 ma mother passed away so no one is looking fo us,I work as a maid the paid me 1,200 I have 4 children to look after(siblings) so can’t afford to bank any cash because the money they paid me is not enough,we live in two room built with mud my heart is sore I don’t know what to do plzzzz help I nid money to fulfill ma dream

  9. Ntokozo mkhwanazi says:

    Hi my sister was doing Socail worker so she didnt go back to skool for secend year becourse she owes the university 40-thousand which is no one can afford that money at home course no one is working at home my sister is stuck* advice me what to do pls i need help badly

  10. Iam a student cape town school im currently doing grade12 i would like to do a career of social worker so i would to know how can i qualify for a bursary thank you

  11. I would like the Department of Social Development to fund my studies since I’m intrested in Social work.

  12. Hi

    I want to go further with my studies , I want to study a degree of Social Worker, but I don’t afford to pay fees. I want DSD help me.

    Thank You
    Yours sincerely
    Miss. Z. Mphokeli.

  13. Hi I’m unemployed and completed grade 12 in 2011,last year it was my first year at unisa studying social worker, so because my parents are not working they can’t pay my fees anymore. So I told about DSD busaries.please help me I want to continue studying. Please update me wat to do.Thanks

  14. Hi,I’m unemployed and completed Gr.12 in 2006. I’m very interested in studying social work & would like to know how to go about applying for a scholarship & how to qualify for it.

  15. zanele mkhanza says:

    i am a grade 12 learner and would love to further my studies in social work but lack financially this is why am pleading with the department to help me financially so i can persue my dream of becomimng a social worker

  16. l’m interested in studing social work but don’t have the money currently working but they are not paying much l still can’t afford it

  17. sbongile radebe says:

    im a young lady who need to do Social work as my carrer i want to help my community who are in need.thanks.

  18. i was very much excited when i received a call from the scholarship department saying that i have been awarded a scholarship. I even signed an agreement contract bt nw i am sad because since i signed that contract, im just waiting to see if my fees r gonna be paid. No sms nothng, im in the dark not knowing what will happen from here.

  19. Busisiwe Mokoena says:

    i am interested to study social work but i am unemployed,i need you to help me.i need to help my community

  20. Dear sir/madam

    I am a student at unisa,i started this simester doing B.Social work and i was turn down by nsfas and then a friend of mine refered me to check the dsd schorlaship,as i did.my parent is unemployed she can not afford to pay the institution fees and that is so affecting me a lot,please dsd help me,i really need this scholarship.

    Thank you!
    Your’s sincerly
    Miss N Mtembu

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